So two computers: 1 is 40gb, 2 has 180gb.

Want to transfer all of 1 onto 2.

1 does not have a CD writer.

Will a usb to usb cable work?

Anyother Ideas?
USB should work
Firewire would be faster
if not regular ethernet with a crossover cable or whatever
or physically take the harddrives out and put them into to other computer and copy off the files
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Do you have a decent sized memory stick at all?

And dont transfer everything, just waht you won't be able to replace.
you could take out the 40gb hd and transfer it litereally into the other computer. then transfer the data virtually from one drive to another. that would be my guess. but you would have to set up the smaller one as the slave drive and u wouldnt need to transfer everything. i.e the operating system and stuff just what u want. that would be the best way to do it. if u are technically savy with comps this is prolly a bad idea in which case it might be just as easy to pay someone to do it.
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- USB flash memory

- move harddisk to other computer

- Socket & Crossover cable
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yea use an mp3 player as the hard drive
or open the computers and hook up the 2nd hard drive into the one computer and file it off though one computer.
then reinstall the hard drive into the old computer
or keep it in the other for more room
I was gonna do the mp3 idea but its only 20gb, and I cant replace alot of it. Crossover cables. is that usb port to usb or what?
You could try to set up a network between the computers and share the files you need.
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you could buy am external hard drive and put everything from computer 1 on to it and then put everything from the external hard drive onto computer 2.