On my new Ibanez GRG170DX (please no hating - I am poor student!) I get a nasty buzz on my low E which is only there on the first 5 frets, everywhere else is fine.

I understand that either the action or the truss rod needs adjusting, but which one first? Do I need to raise or lower the action in this case?

The manual wasn't too helpful!
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is that a locking trem guitar?

have u been playing a while?

raising the action might not help, but you should start there anyway.

what type of bridge? does it have saddles like in ^ his link? if so then, raise that string with a tiny allen wrench.
if not, then repost and answer some of the questions.

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Raising the action should fix the problem, but if it's a truss rod problem, you'll end up with uncomfortably high action, making it difficult to play properly. My advice: bring it to a tech so he can teach you how to adjust your truss rod, that way you can do it yourself in the future. Internet tutorials aren't always the best way to go - you don't want to damage your guitar beyond repair.

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I sounds like the neck is slightly humped, take it to a tech and get it set-up.
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I gave it ago last night on my own and raised the low E side of the bridge (refered to ass the bass side I assume from the manual) and I eliminated the buzz after 10 minutes of working out which direction moved it up and which moved it down.

Thanks anyway