Buy a guitar without trying it first? I'm shopping for an acoustic in the $300 area and I have a Yamaha, Takamine, Ibanez and Martin dealer nearby. So I tried the Yama FG730 , Ibanez AW40 (or something like that) and some $300 Takamine. I've heard good thing about the Alvarez RD20 and Washburn D30. I think the Yamaha is an excellent deal but the Washburn seems like it'd be even better. I'd like to get the best acoustic for the money that I can but I also don't want to be disappointed. Since I can't try the others before I buy what should I do?
I personally wouldn't buy a guitar without trying it, but it depends on you skill level also. I love yamaha's and think they are a sure bet when shopping for acoustics, espeacially in entry level insturments. But really you should just find the guitar that feels best.....try them all and try to find the one that feels right. Basiclly you want a solid top guitar, don't buy anything unless its solid top.
Might as well forget about Martin if you only have $300 to toss out there. You won't get much unless you can find something used that's decent. Yamaha or Alvarez I say. I own the RD20SL(lefty) and it's sweet. I installed a bone saddle and kicked up the tone a crapload. Sounds like you want an acoustic to sound ya know? I've heard some pretty good things about the Yamaha's too, but there isn't a dealer here in my town so no opinion. Just be sure to try before you buy, so you're comfy with it.
Bad idea not to try it, there's duds out there in every brand and it's heartbreaking if you get one sight unseen and it's a lemon.
Sincerely, Chad.
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I also recommend trying before buying. I like the Yamahas in your price range better than the Washburns anyway.
Yeah, you guys are probably right. I think I'm going to give that Takamine and the Yamaha a try again before I make a decision to buy.

Is it alright to try it at the shop then order it off the internet? I feel bad for playing it at the shop then going and ordering it off the internet...but I'd like the product brand new not like a floor model that everyone has messed with you know. Plus it's cheaper on the internet and I might be able to get a case with it.

Dude I wouldn't order over internet, you need to go out and find the guitar you want, and hold it and play it. You could do that then order it on the net and the thing could sound completely different. I personally would never buy a guitar witout actually playing the one I was going to take home. Barter with your dealer if you need a case.
Good luck with whatever you do.
I feel like going against all advice and getting a Carvin...They just sound too amazing and look too nice to pass up.
....well it would be just plain dumb to not try it.......its right there infront of you........that'd be like....i dont even know its just not logical to not strum the damn thing even at the house i know what my guitar sounds like and i cant walk by it without playing but yeah its smart to at least strum the thing but keep in mind its probably out of tune and the strings are dead so its gonna sound even better
and by the way im spending 300 on a used acoustic-electric washburn that is the ****!