hey, basicaly im looking to buy a Orange Tiny Terror 15 watt amp and buy a Orange 1x12 100 watt cabinet. I've heard pre amps can boost the wattage so i can play a 15 watt amp and get 100 watts coming out of the cabinet,

is this true, if so could someone direct me to some reliable one but not too expensive...
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Yeah. A preamp will only give you more gain, or a bit of a volume boost. The gain from a preamp is no more than you get from an overdrive pedal or something- an overdrive is technically a solid-state preamp with diode clipping. A power amp can boost the wattage, but it'd be a bit complicated to run. You'd need to get something like a Weber Headphone tap, plug your TT into that, then run the headphone output into a high-wattage power amp and then to your cab. Chances are you'll get some tone suck from all that, so it's not really worth it.
No. A preamp and a power amp are totally separate things which do totally different things and have totally different effects on your tone and work differently and have very different levels of gain.
Think of an amp as 2 stages a preamp and a poweramp.

A Preamp is literally what it says on the tin. It is a stage that effects the guitar signal before the signal is amplified. Usually by adding gain and eq to the signal. this can give a volume increase but its not real amplification

All of the amplification is done by the poweramp. The poweramp alone is responsible for the actual ampification.

Basically if you want 100W of raw power you need a 100W amp and theres no real way to get a TT to do the job.
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