hey guys, i was wonderin, im getting some effects soon. a noise suppressor, compressor, eq, chorus and delay. i was wonderin, what effects go in the effects loop of an amp, and which go straight in, i know distortion, wahs and ods go straight, in but im honestly not sure what ones go in the loop. im not a guitar noob, but i am an effects noob.
btw why do multi-effects go straight in if they have effects for the loop and straight in programmed into them? makes little sense to me. any help would be apprieciated
anything that will add gain to your sound should go in front of the amp.

od, eq, distortion, etc. - front
chorus, delay, tremolo, flanger, etc. - loop
as far as a multi-fx unit goes... it depends on your settings. be on the safe side and put it in front.
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Lol, EQ's go in the back, most of the time. EQ in the effect loop will shape the sound of your overdrive/distortion. An EQ at the front of the amp will do nothing more than change the sound of your guitar, which more often than not doesn't make much of a difference.

As for the rest of the stuff dude, it's up to you what sounds better. I like my chorus in the effect loop, but I know people who don't. I like my phaser infront of the amp, to get the raw sound of the pedal going into the overdriven amp Haha, and again I know people who don't.

But yeah, OD/Distortion pedals go in the front, wouldn't sound too good in the back.