Back Home

" The boy came back to town
His spirit is all drop down
His eyes didn't wanted to see
What everything was supposed to be

Home was always too far
Town's not the same old star
Can't believe all turned to black
Can't refuse the fatal fact

Why it has to be this way?
Why it has to stay away?
They're all safe up in the sky
But Why? Why? Why it has to be this way?

My soul wants to cry
My eyes can't reach the sky
But why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Can't believe God took them away
Couldn't send the last pray
And then I see the light in the sky
All my friends are about to fly

About to cry... the last tears... gone away are... all my fears...

Then i wake up and realize
For those who commited suicide
And those who sleep through stone
I'm now back home... "

Helder Nascimento

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