im relatively new to guitar and so have no real interest in buying this guitar (at the minute anyway .) However, i was recently at an enter shikari gig and i noticed that rory was playing a gibson sg gt. Ive had a look on the internet and i cant seem to find any real reviews or opinions on them also there doesnt seem to be much mentioned about them on the forums. For such a good looking guitar they seem relatively unknown.

Is there any real reason for this?

In say a years time would it be worth investing in one?

Are they any good for the gigging guitarist?

thanks a lot people
because they're still pretty new?
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Yeh their new, they have some pritty good features like really good strap locks and locking tuners i think.
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Basically, it's an SG ready for gigging off the shelf.

I think that's a bit of a gimmicky thing to say, as any SG is ready for gigging straight away o.O I know that's on the lines of their marketing, but I'm suspicious about that.

I'm abit dubious about it, the double truss rod worries me on a guitar with a tendancy to be neck heavy anyways.
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