Anyone ever tried one? I'm gonna go fetch my rocker from Helsinki at the end of the month, and the store also has this pedal, which looks very interesting indeed.

Just before i even try it at the store, what can you UG gods tell me about it? What does it sound like? How will it sound with my Orange rocker? Worth a buy?

I already do have a bad monkey overdrive, but I'm not sure if it's exactly what i need .

Anyway, i play alot of vintage rock, old metal, rock n roll, 80 hard rock and modern rock n roll.

Cheers guys

PS. Dang, this post looks so neat

EDIT: what about this pedal http://www.visualsound.net/Pedal_rt66.htm
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Not quite, craig. It's got the overdrive exactly like a tubescreamer, and a distortion It's quality. I'll be purchasing one soon.
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isnt it a Zvex box of rocks on one side and a TS808 on the other?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

anyone have a clue how it will work with a bass guitar? My bassist is also interested in it, opposed to a big muff. Oh, and i'm strictly a rythm guitarist with soloey fast riffs.
I think its good for lots of stuff. and on a tube amp, like ur Orange, it should be great. if u listen to old strokes, especially the song Reptilia, thats played thru a Hot Rod DeVille i think. They use an original Jekyll and Hyde with silver casing, but thats pretty much how a light overdriive would sound. and also on other Room on Fire and Is This It songs they use that.
not sure. im sure it would work jsut as well as the big muff

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

got one, it's the best. I heard they'll be making a double-shot though wich is supposed to be 2 tubescreamers - I can't wait for that one.
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well for the music you play, the orange should be sufficient by itself. thats what i think anyway, but i have never played through the pedal, it might sound really good.
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I already do have a bad monkey overdrive, but I'm not sure if it's exactly what i need .

The Jekyll side of the pedal is voiced like a TS808, which is what your Bad Monkey is based on, too. The other side is more of a distortion/fuzz pedal.

It's a great pedal (my son has one and loves it, and so do his friends who are constantly plugging into it), but with the Bad Monkey already in hand, maybe it's not the best choice for you. You could spend less and get similar results by getting something along the lines of the Big Muff and putting it in your chain with the BM.
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To all those above^ I would say the Jekyll side of the pedal sounds better than the Bad Monkey IMO, much more TS-esque. The distortion side is still just a distortion, but it is a good distortion at that, on its own I think it still sounds a little thin. But with both J&H sides kicked in, it sounds The Sex, real thick, can be quite crunchy at times and can get quite heavy. Although, make sure to adjust settings, if both sides are kicked in with gain on both sides halfway or more, expect to get some feedback.