so theres this kid in my geometry class (lets call him matt) he is a junior, he sits right next to me and hes pretty hilarious. obnoxious yes, but still hilarious. anyway today he asked to go to the bathroom and teacher said no. he kept begging until she just got annoyed with him and let him go. bout 3 minutes later he comes back and sits down and starts rapidly tapping his fingers and moving his leg. i dont think i need to go into detail but for like 10 minutes he pretty much played out all of what you would think a typical person that is high on cocaine would do, twitching scratching complaining about heat etc. and about 15 minutes later he just put his head in his hands and just muttered **** over and over for like 10 more minutes. my teacher, being a complete ignorant, never noticed any of this. i was wondering, did he actually snort in the bathroom? or was he just faking it? which also poses the question, why would he fake it?


(P.S. he was telling the kid next to him weird stories/anecdote type things)
How would I know...?

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Why not ask him?

i dont know, that seems kind of intruding, seeing as im only a little freshie and he is a junior, probably just gonna say 'none of your business' etc.

i could get a friend that is close to him do it though... ill probably do that
Well, he's a kid he could be faking just to look cool/rebelious.

But maybe he didn't. Why don't you just ask him?
Get in on some of that while you're at it

How are we supposed to know? If he has the 'symptoms' of it, then it's possible.
Ask him yourself. That would be the real way to find out, ya jackass.
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Maybe he has mania?
Talk to Erowid

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nope, he just put icy hot on his no no parts.

Only one way to find out, off him sugar and see what he does with it
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