anyone played one? i tried a powerball the other day and it SLAYED. damn thing is Djenty as hell. sounds like it has a boost in it before the preamp. super tight and focused mids = win. thinking about getting one soon. either that or the 530 preamp. its voiced more like a savage i guess. it has those super in your face mids that really cut and attack your ears like a pack of blood thirsty piranahs.
I love the Invader and Blackmore

The others are a little too compressed sounded to me.
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Nice amps... for metal.

But that's it.

Oh wait - the blackmore sig is nice and versatile. Anyway, good choice... for metal.
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Nah, not just for metal.

Go to Rocksolidamps and listen to some of those clips.

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engls have awesome cleans. the engl classic would be an awesome blues/jazz/rock amp too
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yeah, they're nice. i wouldn't say they're just for metal (it does depend on the model), but most are certainly aimed at the harder end of the sonic spectrum.
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