i recently bought a fender stratocaster deluxe and i took it to a shop to get the action fixed.

i just got it today and it still feels a bit high and i was just wondering whether i am just being overly nit picky or if it is high.

is there any basis by which i can tell if the action is too high? mainly the low E (one at the top) feels a bit high.

i read somewhere that the distance should be about a quarter and a half.
its too high if its hard to play by your standards. its too low to, if a string buzzes when u play it. but being too high is a personal preference. most factory action is i think about what u have at the 12th fret.
So long as it can physically go lower without any strings clipping higher frets when they're played, then there's not reason why you shouldn't be able to take it back and ask them to lower it some more because you're still not comfortable with it.
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you should always try a guitar after a setup prior to leaving the shop.

if it feels high to you, then either adjust the two pegs on the face of each saddle until it feels low enough, or take it back to the shop until they get it the way u want it.

just keep in mind, sometimes they will only lower until they get fret buzz thru the amp.

so either they arent sure how to set up a guitar to ur standards, the guitar was unable to be set up to ur standards, or u didnt expressly state that u wanted the low action.

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