Hello people,I am new...

Sad question: I have been playing guitar for many years,however, I played entirely on instinct,feel, and just threw riffs and solos together and now I really want to solidify my knowledge. How do I do that?

I am lost on theory and I have a few questions:

1.How do you determine the key of a song with power chords?
2.How do you make a song using chord progressions?Do you have to use a chord progression or can you simply throw chords together?
3.How do you determine what scale to solo with?What scales must you learn?
4. Do any scales have a certain feeling? I want sad sounding scales,is that possible?

Most appreciation!
Ah, well for this question you are much much much better off in muscian talk. I'll answer a few of you questions though(the other ones I'm not knowleadgable enough to tell you surely)

2. No. You can't use random chords. Most famous songs follow standard progressions. Many jazz standards use a: "ii-V-I" progression. You will get familiar with the main ones with time.

3. The scale to solo in is based on the key of the song or the chords you play over. There are many scales to learn, many many many. Start of with the pentatonics(Major and minor) and the major scale. Those will keep you busy for a while.

4. Yeah, there are scales, called modes. These, played over certain chords, sound special. Each mode has it's own sound. Make sure you know the major before moving onto modes. As for choosing a sad scale, harmonic minor will work for now.

So, head over to Musician Talk and read their stickies. Especially the FAQ. If you still have doubts make a thread. And don't forget to check the lessons on UG.

EDIT: Aw, I was beaten to the answer.
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