This is a Sunshine cover by Rich2k4 and I. I recorded some vocals and the guitar parts, and sent it to Rich to record the lead vocals.

It turned out not too too great, my vocals being so smooth, and Rich's vocals being so clear. Guitar sounds a bit crisp, but i thought it was okay. Please crit:



if you don't mind, please crit the fellow UGer Rich2k4 too.
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it was good next time try to speed up the tempo though
I don't like as i lay dying
the tempo is fine where it is, i've listened to countless versions, they would do it slower a lot of times rather then faster.

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Tempo is fine, it may of sounded slow to the other poster because you let the chords ring in the chorus, it can be played by bashing your picking hand into the strings to cut the chords off. As I said, I didn't find it too slow for listening, different tempos can give a different feel to a song and that was fine.

I, not being able to sing at all, would imagine that is quite a hard voice to match, but it was a good effort, I liked the guitar parts, they were cool.

The solo, was nice, different to how I do it but that is the magic of this song, I think using the the penatatonic scales of D maj and min you can have some fun, just so long as it is bluesy, the end of the solo was in fitting with the last 4 bars of A from the backing guitar had the right feel to it.

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The guitar sounded good but the vocals scared me, whoever was singing was trying way too hard to try and match the original singers voice. The solo was very good also, I really like the tone on the guitars. Try to do your own vocals, trying too hard to match the original can give you some not so good results. Make the songs your own.

The guitar is pretty much fine, solos sound nice... but the vocals need work. They sounded good at first, but when as it goes on they get worse... The high notes sound pretty rough, work on your breathing and projecting to reach them better. The harmonies were sung at the same pitch, they need to be sung in a fifth or seventh of the original melody (not sure what was done originally though.) The organ was a nice touch. This could be a great cover, just work on your vocals.