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How do you do a pitch harmonic, ive read the lessons i just dont get how to do them can someone explain it to me? thx
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its a pinch btw....Hold ur pick with a little of your thumb off the edge of the tip. Fret a note, any note. If u pick it right, it should give u a different sound than if u just picked the note. If u figure out where to hit the notes, you could get the wail sound normally heard. There is a video of how to do it somewhere on the site by Pickngrin.
your basically hitting the string right after yu hit it with the pick with a finger [ie: thumb index] try picking like right below or above a pick up humbucker thats currently active

______ finger
\/ pick \/ part of thumb

similar to that if that helps

and they take a while to get down
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lol its a pinch harmonic....fret a string like you normally would, but with your picking hand move your thumb so its in a position to rub ever so lightly on the string you are striking...it should produce a pinch harmonic, BUT you must find the "sweet spot" on your string at the point where you are supposed to pick because only by plucking certain spots on the string are you able create the harmonic, and that sweet spot changes for every new note you fret