The song must also sound good also maybe make you think of something you never thought of before. Preferably alternative or trance. Il post some when I can think of them.
Aerials by System Of A Down.

And there will probably be more SOAD songs to come in this thread.
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most stuff by Gogol Bordello
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Aerials by System Of A Down.

And there will probably be more SOAD songs to come in this thread.

yeah Soad lyrics seem wierd at first, but if you think about them they make a lot of sense. (they're mostly political/social norm bashing).
beyond electric dreams by bad religion............. lots of long words and not making much sense
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wish you were here-Pink floyd

great lyrics, imo

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Anything by Frank Zappa, but especially Inca Roads

I also love Animal Behavior by Praxis (Buckethead, Bootsy Collns, Bernie Worrell, Brain)
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anything steely dan you can count of having some strange lyrics usually. Awesome band tho.
Communist Daughter- Neutral Milk Hotel
The Devil and God
are Raging Inside Me

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veil of maya by cynic..spiritual lyrics in death metal is kind of weird very good lyrics too
the obvious choice is I Zimbra - Talking Heads
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