Should/Can is be done? I have a talent show thing September 11th (go figure) and my real acoustic guitar is missing one of the string pegs and it needs new strings. Now I've also got a Ibanez Artcore AFS75T semi-hollow body, and that seems to be pretty loud unplugged, but obviously not as loud as an acoustic. Should I try to get through the work of fixing my acoustic or should I just go in with my Artcore? Oh, and the talent show won't let any amps, not even ones that run on batteries.
Fix your acoustic, put it this way, your going to do it anyway. may aswell get it done as soon as possible
if u can mic ur Artcore, then maybe. If its a double-cutaway, then i wouldnt. Get ur acoustic fixed anyway, but if u must, u can use ur artcore mic'd. just put it by the bottom f-hole.
I'll see if I can either mic it or fix it. I'm flat out broke and couldn't afford the pegs or the new strings, although I might be able to borrow a mic from one of my friends.