Hey everyone, I've been given a prompt for an essay in my humanities class, and although I am ashamed to ask, I must. For some reason I can't develop any concrete ideas to begin my essay with, due to the fact that the prompt is so broad/vague.
The prompt is: What makes you human in the year 2007? Yes, I know I should be shot for not being able to think of something for a prompt so simple. But I need help guys, thanks so much.
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What makes you human eh?

!. We still can't fly
2. WTF, no super strength?
3. We don't have better defense mechanisms outside our body. Come on, flesh? An armor shell would be greatly appreciated.

I dunno.
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ummmmm damn thats one of those hard yet simple essays teachers use to mess with their students heads

no idea

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I wouldn't expect too many serious answers from the pit. I don't have the first clue about what to write because those types of questions are never straight forward.
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How about.....The right to protest crap like trident?


The right to slap a teacher. End it with a bitchslap to that hoe's chops
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We're still human in the sense that we make mistakes...lots of mistakes
Thanks for all the feedback, particularly sway, which made me think about my own mistakes etc. Here's what I came up with. 500 word minimum serves me fine, I couldn't think of anything else anyways. Not too good with essays but here we go...

Ask anybody what makes us human in the year 2007, and they might say something like Bipedalism, or perhaps even opposable thumbs. In reality, humans have developed and evolved into much more than the basic characteristics that defined us thousands of years ago. With ever-evolving technology, the average human is designed and required to fit the needs of our modern age, by adapting to our changing society. What makes us different than any other mammal roaming this earth? First and foremost, humans have the capability to learn. Despite the fact that most mammals share this capability, they share not the learning capacity of the human being. Throughout the last two-thousand years, humans have evolved and transformed to unthinkable heights. We have a longer life expectancy, new ways to combat and fight off diseases that once vanquished thousands of humans with ease, and are still learning about new ways to eradicate illnesses that still stand in our way today.
Now, as for what makes me human in the year 2007? It is not a very easy question to answer. It is important to note that every human is infact different. In reality, it is our flaws and mistakes that make us so unique. It is much easier to appreciate the value and importance of mistakes when comparing them to something that cannot make any, take for instance, calculators. Calculators can compute thousands of computations in mere seconds, and can factor polynomials much faster than any human mathmatician can ever dream to. In fact, many people have and continue to lose their jobs over machines that can perfectly out perform any human, mistake-free. But that's okay, because as a human being I can experience a plethora of emotions, whether it's hate, love, anger or fear. As a human being I'm also free to learn from my mistakes. The mistakes that I, and every other human being experience on a daily basis shape me in every way. They've influenced my past, they influence my present, and they will undoubtedly influence my future. Without these precious occurances, we as homo sapiens would cease to advance. We would be a car without fuel; an airplane without wings. As important as mistakes themselves, is our ability to learn from them. It is essential to treat every mistake and "wrong decision" as a learning process. If we could not learn from our mistakes, we would be forever stuck in the same place, doing the same wrong things over and over again. I often think back to when I was much younger, about 10 years old. I was doing the dishes, and my mother told me to put dishwasher soap in the dishwasher. I, being very inexperienced in dishwashing, put in the wrong type of soap. I wandered off, only to return to find that our newly done hardwood floors were covered in suds. While it may seem a bit insignificant to the bigger picture, it is experiences like that one that have made me human, and helped define the human that I am today.
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How about.....The right to protest crap like trident?


The right to slap a teacher. End it with a bitchslap to that hoe's chops

I vote for the bitchslap
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