so ive started some extra guitar lessons with this guy just to see what its like, its 72 quid for 5 lessons.

im on my third lesson, he's teaching me how to read rythms ect and now hes onto doing alternate picking properly (and i can already do it?) He wants me to tap my foot and count out what it says. its pissing me off really- i told him i want to improve my solo skills and he just seems to be doing this. he doesnt understand that i have to do things over and over a couple of times before i can get them. today he also goes when i wasnt getting something straight away- 'ive had 7 year old be able to do this straight away.'

further more we never do any creative things, its all technique- just seems to have no soul to it.

so my question really is- when my 5 lessons are up should i continue with him?
If he says your alternate picking is off, it probably is. And alternate picking is EXTREMELY important for your lead playing, so don't jump the gun.

The 'ive had 7 year olds being able to do this straight away' thing sounds a bit out of order though :/

And please don't complain about it having 'no soul'. That's not something you're taught xD
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no. i have a teacher who's awesome, we watch videos on youtube for 15 minutes each lesson. we get along and we also get things done. look for a good teacher who you actually like.

You lucky son of a b*tch my teacher sucked when i had one
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Yeah my teachers sweet too. He's in a band and he teaches me technique but the stuff I'll use and a lot of solo stuff plus will help me with anything I need.
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I never "learned" how to alternate pick. I remember that I found a cool riff, and I started doing alternate picking. I got it in one day.
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I'd rather spend 75 bucks on some technique than copying his "soul" style. I mean, you get your soul or style when you experiment by yourself not when you get some classes. Look at the bright side the techniques he's teaching you might help you find and get a more solid style, but if you don't like him there's no way you're gonna learn. so I say just take the two next lessons and practice on your own.

just my $0.02
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Honestly, it sounds like you're overreacting. He's a teacher for a reason. Listen to him for at least a while. If you still can't play better, then quit. If you can, well, then you got your money's worth.
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