The recording quality is pretty good, I'm not really into the music style-but thats just personal preference. The vocals are excellant recording-as has already been said, very haunting. Nice work
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I can't really listen to it, Not because I don't like it. It's the fact I'm on dial up and it plays for a second or two and then pauses. From what I've heard the vocals, are odd, but fine. They work with the music rather than against. The guitars have a decent tone. The heavier tone is not too my liking, but works with the music. Thank you for critting my song.
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Hmmm very nice. I like the kind of soft yet hard, and I like yelling vocals. I wish I had the lung capacity to do that : )
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I really like your guitar tone, sounds really good and the creepy vocals eerie like sound really cool.

And on funky munky I love that raw bluesy sound for that intro solo you make those bends scream with conviction. good stuff.
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hooray! vocals. this sounds really cool so far. i love how it gets loud and then backs away in the chorus. You do have a really interesting voice. I was thinking I wouldn't like it so much since you categorized it as metal...but this is actually one of my favorites from you so far. mhm. it has lots of energy.

thanks for the critttt.