i've been doing a lot of online research looking for a guitar, and i was wondering which site offers better prices and is an overall better service - MusiciansFriend.com or GuitarCenter.com?

or would it be a better idea to purchase in person, in attempts to lower the price?
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its the same thing
guitar center bought MF in 1999
(though I believe they still run somewhat independently from GC, even if they are owned by them)

depends on what you're buying.
But as far as guitars go, its much better to try it out before you buy. Espescially with the variable quality control on cheaper and even mid priced guitars (you might be able to find a good one in the store, online its like playing the lotto).
if you're buying online, MF.

guitarcenter only displays prices from actual guitar center.
At actual guitar centers, they're overpriced on the basis that their employees make commission and can lower the price if they so please.
Henceforth, if you're straightforward online shopping, MF is the way to go.

However, if you go to the store... it really doesnt make a difference.
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musicians friend...but
if you go to guitar center...like on a busy day on saturday or something...sit and watch...find a guy thats made a lot of sales...once he has hit his commission limit for the day...he cant make any more money...so he doesnt care what he sales it at...you can haggle down cheap then...but prly musicians friend
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