Ok,so Im goin to see Ratt tomorow..Iv seen Stephen Pearcy live twice,but im major excited to be seeing him with warren,and blotz.Has anyone seen them on this tour,are they any good?
are they some sort of 80's hair metal band?
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Prepare to have every orifice in your body occupied by a dwarf.
*Check profile* I wasn't meaning to offend you man, I was merely kidding.
666 BRO
its cool man,i just hear a lot of people rag on the hair stuff and i listen to a loottt of it so in a way it sorta pisses me off sometimes.but i guess i shouldnt be like that.
yea.... ratt... woo........ *sigh*.. why do we keep going, bill?

because we have to ted, because we have to keep Fighting!!