okay i just received a vox v847a wah i ordered, and i put in a brand new battery, plugged it in, and it worked fine until i was switching it on and off, and the little switch that gets pressed to to turn it on and off stopped clicking and it got stuck in wah mode. i fiddled with it and it clicked once or twice but then it stopped working all together, nothing is coming out of the amp. switch does not click, no sound coming to amp, both cables are fine.

what did i do?
i dunno, just send it in on warranty. that exactr thing happened to my friend with the same model, have you ever tried a cry baby?
Sounds like you've got a bad switch is all. I'd say either return it for your warranty, or take this opportunity to convert to TRUE BYPASS!

You'll need a DPDT switch, a soldering iron, some 20-24 gauge wire, some decent solder, and instructions. If you head on over to the Wah Modding Thread in GB&C, we'll help you out.
okay now if i turn the volume up on my amp, i can hear the guitar quietly, and the wah effect works, but it's obviously not doing what it's supposed to. i tried twisting the button but it doesn't want to turn in either direction =/
Hmm... are you sure that the battery is fresh and connected up right? Check that, then look for any wierd solders, particularly to the collectors of the transistors.

If you don't know what that means, just look for wierd solders.
i tested the battery with another pedal, it's fine. with some more fiddling i got the switch to sorta work, but now it's stuck in wah mode, and the switch stopped working again. so i guess it's just a bad switch? does GC sell replacement switches/are they hard to install? cause i'd rather replace it myself than wait for another one unless it's excessively hard or expensive.
you should get True Bypass replacement switches.

but wait... aren't Vox V847As un-moddable? can u still TB it?
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at the moment i'm not so much interested in TB as i am in getting a functional wah pedal. can anyone point me in the right direction for buying a new switch? cause the wah is working fine now, but it's not switching, so i'm pretty sure that's what the problem is.
Stamp on the wah really hard, this happened once or twice with my Clyde McCoy. Stamp on it hard, and everything works again.

This happened with mine, it's not guaranteed to make yours work...
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