So I decided I wanted to learn Beck's Cellphone's Dead and it's a really simple bass line but I cannot figure out the effects the bassist uses. Actually, the line is more than likely played by a keyboard (watching the video this is pretty much confirmed) but I'd still like to figure out how to achieve that sound with my bass.

Vid can be found here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bUiHaQQDJNs
Well you'd need a filter i know that, but I don't know what else you need to get that synth type tone.
it's a synth bro. sounds very anology 80ish.
All my guitars are old enough to buy beer, are You?
I want that sound but I doubt I'm even close to having the right equipment to recreate it. All i have is a BP80. That and the effects plugins in Audacity lol.
it's a synth bro. sounds very analogy, plus the old roland keys help. there is more cheese in this vid than wisconsin. the solarization adds to the 80's cheese. looks like sombody found an old panasonic switcher in their basement. haven't used one of those in over 15 yrs. god
All my guitars are old enough to buy beer, are You?
Get a smooth sounding bass. Or turn your tone all the way down on your bass.

Then go through a nice buzzsaw distortion. Then an enveloup filter.

You can also go through this. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-SYB5-Bass-Synthesizer?sku=151353

The tracking is a TAD wonky (no chords, sorry :< ) and it only has one simple wave oscillator, but you will get that tone you are looking for!
thanks for the advice. I've actually thought about buying one of those. I have an envelope filter and a few distortion modelers on my pedal so maybe I can figure something out