Yeah so my uncle's so called friend convinced me into getting a Spider II 30 a while back and boy am I regretting it. The Insane sounds mediocre when I'm not really paying attention to sound but when I'm not tone-def I can hear the suck in the amp. It sounds really muddy if the gain is too high and really faint if it's not. I tried out some pedals the other day at a guitar shop like 2 minutes from my house and they sounded good. I tried out the Boss Metal Zone and the Metalcore cause I'm into stuff like Thrash and Metalcore. So the guy at the store came over and said if I like it and I said that they were pretty good. So he asked me what my rig is right now and I told him about the Spider and he said "Wow that sucks, where did you go? Guitar Center?" so we laughed a bit and he told me that pedals like that aren't really good for modeling amps. The guy I talked to is a good friend of mine and my uncle and he has never lied to me once about a product so I sorta believe him but he is not the best when it comes to tech so I had some difficulties really trusting him so I came here to ask...

Are pedals not good on modeling amps ?

Ps. Sorry for the long post I tend to really detail simple subjects
They don't tend to sound so good on a modeling amp. If you have a clean, non-modeled setting they would be ok. Don't remember if Spiders can be played without models engaged, if they can play the pedal (especially distortion pedals) through the clean setting.
Yeah... just imagine it digital + digital

That's twice the digital!!!!

Unh... I'd recommend a better amp first (preferably tube but I hear ss works just fine for thrash) because what amp you run is such a big deal of your sound, you can have the best guitar and boutique pedals on the planet but if you run it through a spider II it'd only sound like crap.

I'm pretty sure you can find plenty of thrashers here on UG to help you out with your choice.
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I never really played on a spider but popular opinion says:

Seriously now, I use a Uber Metal on a Cube-30x and it doesn't sound that bad... But my pedal only shines on my buddys Fender Pro Junior.
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I have a spider and the insane sounds great with my actives, even with my old epi les it sounds half way decent, and pedals can sound fine on clean. just tweak it a lot, i know a kid who has a spider ii head and he can make it scream, and hes in a punk band
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NO. I use a POD with my spider and i've gotten a beautiful clean tone out of it, aswell as distortion, if anyone doubts me i will post it, it's very tube sounding, i dont think at a gig or any one i know, could tell it was digital. Digital is not ****.
Well I'm either gonna buy a pedal and if I don't like it, bring it back to the store or wait to buy a Cube or a Vox cause this gonna be a Christmas gift and I'm flying home to Pittsburgh and a ticket home is gonna affect my gift price so yeah....

Edit: yeah I know to put it clean for distortion and if it wouldn't be much of a hassle those sound clips would be great
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line6 spider III 30 is a good amp if your a noob but as you get better you get bored of it...and i tried playing the digitech death metal through one in steve's it sounded like a woudned horse being raped( wich is a bad thing) and trust me im not the one who set the amp for it, it was the dude at the store , and he kidna told me the same thing, dat modelling amps arent the best with effects pedal, its like omni said its kinda raping the pedals XD but you can try it out you might like it
Well, I can say this, I have a spider II, I love my spider II to death. It makes for a great practice amp. With that said, I don't run any pedals but my wah into it. and even then, the wah sounds like ass...

Pedals in general sound like crap through digital amps, in my opinion.

I have a cheapo crate stack, that, while crappy on its own, sounds pretty good with a decent arsenal of pedals in front of it. I usually run a Boss distortion, occasionally, that van halen phaser when I can nab one from my buddy, and my wah, and through even a cheap solid state stack, it sounds worlds better than the spider.

Run some pedals through if you want, but that thing wont be any good for anythin sides practicin.

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I honestly don't like my spider. my dad got it for me, and basically forced it down my throat that its a good amp, but deep down I really don't like it. You might as well hit random chords on the insane setting, because its all too muddy and you just cant differentiate any differences in the sounds. The metal setting is okay, but clean just makes me sad, its default clean setting has a bunch of effects into it, like they pitifully attempted to make it sound like an acoustic, and really it just sounds like ****. I end up turning down ALL the effects knobs, turn OFF the drive, and use the noise gate to get a TRUE clean sound.
i hav a spider 2 and use a digitech metal master, its sounds pretty gud to me and i wud definatly recommend that pedal.