Is Finger Eleven Alternative? Do they already have a thread? If they do I'll get rid of this one, if they don't this is their thread.

So...anyway Topic
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I only know them because of WWEs Kane entrance music... They have nice vibe but I think they sound more Hard rock/metal than Indie.

Please correct me if I'm wrong...
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i've only heard their like one song, the one everyone has heard. i like it, but i've never bothered to listen to any of their other stuff.
I thought one thing was really tame after Good Times. Good Times is one of my favorite songs ever, if you haven't heard it, go hear it.

Paralyzer is pretty cool, but I thought their new album was just so-so.
I love that Paralyzer song. That song randomly gets stuck in my head and I will just burst out singing it whenever it does so, much to the annoyance of others.

Plus I really dig their band name.
Finger Eleven is definitely my second favorite band! Their self-titled CD was incredible. There has already been a thread on them but it didnt really go anywhere.

Their new stuff is good and I loooove Paralyzer but they're older material is definitely much better. Good Times is one of my all time favorite songs.
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I personally was more of a fan of their stuff back on "Tip" and "Greyest of the Blue Skies." Their s/t album was alright, but the new stuff I'm hearing now is pretty shoddy IMO.

What happened to songs like "Suffocate," "Above," "Bones and Joints," etc?
i liked them when i was younger, a lot! when i was like 14 and tip came out. songs like "above" and "quicksand" and "tip" were pretty effin cool to me. i don't like thier new sound much. tip was pretty heavy. i havent heard much of thier new stuff, it sounds kinda, poppy and somewhat retro i guess. rofl.
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Letters From Chutney and Tip are excellent albums. The Greyest of Blue Skies is also excellent. Their last two are good, don't get me wrong, but they definitely do not live up to what they once were.

Letters From Chutney and TGOBS are my fave albums by them.

Very cool band.