I would like some advice because the only thing my band has for singing is a 32 watt kareoke machine. When we record or just have rehearsel we would like to get louder vocals. We can't really afford over $60. Here is what I've learned going through old threads:

bass amp
pro: cheap and high watts
con: higher vocals ruin the speakers

guitar amp
pro: can hit high and lows
con: not loud enough (in our price range)

PA System
pro: the best sounding of all three
con: wayyyy out of our price range

any help or links would be apreciated
-thanks for your time
turn everything else down?

that's somewhat of a last resort, a compresser would make the quieter bits sound louder on your vox, but wouldn't give you too much of a boost in level. not like a bigger amp anyways.
I got a cheap PA for 1 or 2 hundred bucks, start savin money. It worked fine for practice against a pair of guitar stacks, and the biggest damn bass amp ive ever seen. Oh, and a snare drum so loud it can make you stop mid thought.

Uhhhhhh I forget the brand, but i got it off musicians friend. PA is your best and most versatile option, for 60 bucks, you arent gonna get much, dont waste your money on ****e, an save up, just get somethin better.

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Thats noise violation in a box!
theres really not much u can do until u can afford to get a PA.

what we used to do before we got our PA is use our bassist's old amp (some crate piece of crap, but it had 300 watts) with my singer's old marshall halfstack. because it was a bass amp (lots of power) and a guitar cab, it sounded decent, and because they were guitar speakers, they had alot more range than bass speakers.

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you gotta go for a PA - just start saving and buy used, you will find a deal

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Quote by Wicked_Bassist7
seeing how many people reccomend saving up

Oh. In that case definitely just save up.
get a decent mic and record your vocals separately?
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Definitely save up. Don't even think about buying something ****ty that will just get by.
Go used!
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