Pretty freaking good up and coming band. Just signed to Century Media actually. I couldn't find a thread about them, so I thought I'd share. Also, their singer is ****ING HOT.

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Hot singer, yes, guitarists are ok, but the way the singer screams is actually sorta annoying. Lol she's got nothing on Angela Glasgow.
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Seen this band live acouple of times

the singer is sooo hot.
and super nice too.
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**** yeas shes a babe
meh band are okay i guess
Singer was better when singing clean, she was ok looking. The guitar was alright, didnt like all the chees headbanging type stuff, throwing his hair all over the place.

I wouldnt buy or download anything by them.
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^ ya, pretty generic.......and they're really not that great. If they had a guy singer they wouldn't get noticed.
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