So, I'm really not looking for one as of now. I really just want to get an idea for the future. I already have an amazing amp (fender frontmanH 100w) and now, the only way to go is for a new guitar.

Here's the good news, I virtually have NO budget, but i know when the time comes for a new guitar, I'm not going to spend four-thousand dollars on something, so i want to keep the budget between $1200-$2000. Here's all the stuff you need to know.

Bands i want to sound like: Rage Against the machine, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, AiC, Velvet Revolver, Guns 'n roses, and audioslave.

Styles: Rock, some but very little metal, jazz and blues.

Amp: As stated before, Fender FrontmanH 100w

Current guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Classic.

So as you can see, I need a guitar very versatile. It needs to be able to play low/no distortion and needs to be able to handle some heavy old-fashion grungy Soundgarden.

And remember, make it have a whammy bar!
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Definitely look at getting a guitar custom made. A Carvin would fit perfectly into your budget, and you can get it made to your specs.
Strat or Tele. My favorite band uses those all the time (AIC). He also uses a Mahago body, but you got that covered. With either a strat or tele, and your LP, you got everything covered (assuming you still like your amp come new guitar time).
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You're going to hate me, but you'd nonestly be better off getting a new amp. You might love the Fender but it's really not all that great, particularly for the kind of stuff you play. At the end of the day it's up to you how you spend your money, but experience tells me that an amp will benefit you a lot more in the long term which is what you're thinking of.
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I would have to say Carvin too. Very versatile and well built quitars for a reasonable price. I have the Carvin DC400T which has two active humbuckers (Carvin's C22) that you can split to single coils. The active electronics include preamps for bass and highs. Great sustain, great playabillity and damn good looking!!!