Alright, I finally totally finished this song. I made some minor adjustments to the lead guitar because some people were whining about stuff being out of key, so now, everything in there is in key, and something i just made some slight changes to make it easier to play or better sounding. I added bass and drums. The two biggest changes. The drums are kind of simple because the drummer left my band, so I've had to make up all the drums myself on my drumset even though I am a guitarist not a drummer, so everything is fairly simple. I have no double bass in there because I don't own a double bass pedal, and it doesn't really seem like the type of music that needs double bass. I don't own a ride at this current point in time, but when I play it I substitute closed high hat, but the ride definately sounds better.

So, this is the song totally finish, all but a name anyways. Enjoy!
Joe Satriani Type Guitar Solo Song.zip
that was great but there are flaws. when you did the strummed chord section the first not of your lead guitar classhed with the chords, try to start on one of the notes the chords use. also the tapping section was a bit too long tbh, it was great tho. overall a pretty sweet song but sort out your chord and lead part to make them fit.

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yeah i also meant to say that in my crit but i forgot, its the exact same chords and timing, bad idea man.
'twas ok. But the first riff is a complete rip off of Black Sabbath's Iron Man ;-) Lacking only the slides at the end. Other than that it was pretty cool, apart from the feeling that I had that the song needed some kind of climax and it was going to it from the tapping thing, instead - it just ended after harmonizing the riff. I'd add some sort of a faster solo, maybe more... "epic", so to speak, to add that "climax" and make the song more complete.

And I think that solos lacked something, some complexity. The licks seemed to be played in pentatonic scale exclusively, I didn't bother to check it, but it sounded such. I'd spice it up a bit, use some other scales, minor, diminished, arabic [cool one], or something like that.

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