i've been playing for around 6 months and i practice every day quite a bid (depending upon the day)... but anyway all i do is learn songs that i like (or parts of them)... what can i do to learn a bit *better*... i feel that i should be doing something more formal... my eventual goal is to write music
^i have no idea what that is... your gonna have to talk to me like i'm 7 years old


These are a great place for you to look around.

A quick little info on the major scale for you. The major scale is what just about every thing in western music is built off of. All are scales, chords, and much more. It is something that you learn that will help you understand so much in the music theory world, and theory is a great resource for creating you own music.
http://www.cyberfret.com is a good one too. your a beginner eh? welcome to the amazing world of guitar. might i suggest learning some basic chords and scales? also you want to be able to memorize where every note on the fretboard is. i know this is alot of work for right now but i will be glad to give you more tips later on. PM me. ill be glad to help.