I want to know if you know any TV songs or classic themes you know?

I know Flint Stones...

I know the hockey themes....

I know the main blue riffs.....

What about u?

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awesome, all canadians...

umm...i think i might know some but i can't remember them...at all...but i have a tab for the married...with children theme
on guitar?

i know james bond. fun and easy.
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Another Canadian!

I can play Inspector Gadget, Power Rangers, Pink Panther, and The Cantina Band Song (From Star Wars: A New Hope)
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star wars
pure imagination (willy wonka)
fraggle rock
if i could live on the moon (hat song ernie from sesamie street sings)
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Simpsons theme

EDIT: and the Jeopardy! song
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party like a rockstar by Shop Boyz i believe
I play a guitar strung with Yngwie's chest hair
The Simpsons
... i dont know if its reely a theme song or anything but i can play Mr. Sandman
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i duno lol. tihs r liek wen i traid drawn maiself n teh t0ilit.



gess i cant dai.

also Simpsons, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Pokemon, Tetris, and some other, mostly video game stuff.
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another Canadian here.

i have pink panther and hockey night in canada tabbed
i know inspector gadget, and godfather, and james bond
trying to learn south park, actually
i know a couple of final fantasy tracks too
the edelweiss song from sound of music, the song in the homestarrunner.com stinkoman game for level 4

theyre short, its easy to learn, i love these songs
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this reminds me i wanna learn the bass to fresh prince of bel air
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Whats this, a Canadian breeding thread or something?

Star Wars Cantina Band Song and Linus and Lucy (sorta).
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The Pink Panther
Star Wars
The Office (US version)
Ballad of Serenity (from "Firefly," the best gorram show in the 'Verse.)
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I can play:

King of the Hill theme (even though I really don't like the show)
The nigga stole my bike song from Punch Out!
James Bond theme

and I'm currently learning the Deththeme from Metalocalypse.
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James Bond!!!
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and all the Blue's Clues songs
The Bond theme, the Mexican Hat Dance, and the Oompa Loompa song.
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I can hum the Doctor Who theme tune
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Gerudo Valley (as everyone should)
Mario Underwater Theme
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