this song is a great jam... I can't believe it's by Kenny Loggins, oh well though, the song is still awesome... anyways... I'm having trouble figuring it out and there are no tabs (or chord files) of it on the internet...

I know the song is in drop D tuning and I have that opening riff figured out... also, the first vers chord is definitely a D chord... past that I can't figure it out though... if anyone could help with some input that would be awesome... thanks
It is more of a Jim Messina song (they co-wrote it).
Although the great guitar solo is all Messina.
Well, I was about to write out the chords for you, but if you've figured out the opening and know that Dm7 is followed by C and G, then you've got pretty much the rest of the song. There's a couple of quick chord changes (within the progression above) for most of Messina's solos. The chorus ("blindness binds us together in a false disguise...") is simply F - C, F - C, D.
The song ends on an Am7 (I think).

Not complete, but it's a start. HTH