umm im not really good and tip would be appricated and if you know any good begginer tabs plz tell
umm...you like punk? for a begginner learn your power chords...it's a great way to jam. and you can get in a band right away if you get the hang of it.
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I think you could benefit from working on the basics for a little bit. I believe learning songs is a great method but most people need to work on the simple things first.


How are you at changing from chord to chord?

Do you know the basic open chords?

Have you worked on learning any scales?

Do you have any exercises you do to help your playing?

Sorry to say that there arn't any short cuts, except for one, Play slowly to a metronome. Play every exercise you know slowly to a metronome.

You may ask how can this be a short cut in playing guitar, playing slowly must make you learn slower right? No, it makes you learn faster. Playing slowly will allow you to make sure your doing it the right way.

You would not believe all the people(including myself) who have had to start over on different techniques because we rushed through them the first time.

If you would like to know a little more check out the first link in my sig, Freepower(a member) does a great job of explaining the benefits of slow practice.
tabs can be good and a bad thing...try learning standard notation. it will help in the long run. use this site. it has sooo many good things to learn. http://www.cyberfret.com. first thing you should do is learn all of the notes on the fretboard. memorize them and get to the point where if someone shouts out a string and a note..you got your finger on it instantly. also learn alot of basic chords. after that..work on some techneque. then after that work on learning some scales and modes. i would be glad to help you or to give you more tips, if you'd like; PM me.