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So, does anybody here remember this thread?

You may have thought this idea died a really, really long time ago, but... actually, we've been working on everything on a forum that oZone_TNS set up for us.

This is a re-sign up thread, due to lack of participation. If you wanna sign up, just say so and we'll PM you a link

By the way, this will be playable when we're finished.

We're going to use RPG Maker XP

We actually got a LOT of the background story done, as well as the main characters, and the overall map (All thanks to graybass)

Before you read the background story, you should decide whether you're even mildly interested in it, otherwise you're wasting your time reading this.

This may take a couple posts, so just hang on...

Anyway, this is our background story.

Get ready for a long read...

"Your protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) are warring over each other and whatnot, and one of them stumbles upon this artifact (could be a sword, shield, gem, whatever). This item doesn't do anything, but it is still very intriguing and is kept by who found it (I'd say one of the antagonist sides, assuming there's 3 sides overall). The archbishop of that antagonist believes it to be a sacred artifact, and that prophecy says it should be returned to the top of Mount Ominous or whatever.

All of a sudden, on your little voyage, you find an unique, yet now useless item. You take it to your trusted advisor (or King, or mage) and they hide in fear and declare it an item of doom. They then say that the only way to destroy it is to leave it to the Upper Beings and throw it into the lava in Mount Ominous (and one does not simply ROCK into Mordor).

You journey up the mountain and after a bunch of battles tacked on for entertainment, you find the other antagonist with the other item awaiting at the top, and the third antagonist is waiting in the shadows. You both are ready to attack, yet notice each artifact in each others hands and deftly explain each others situation. A quick, yet very uneasy truce is called, and both artifacts are placed where they oddly are meant to be. Then, the third antagonist jumps out and declares that you have both made a mistake, and strikes the artifacts with some sort of power. The base of the mountain crumbles and cracks, and then all heck breaks loose as dragons fly from the fissures of rock and granite. The Dragon Ages have begun anew, unbeknownst to you.


Antagonist Numbah 1 - The Legionnaire Of The Disciples, or commonly known as The Legion (UG reference!). These people come from the distant lands of the East, and have long believed in the Disciples, a lost race of people who ages ago spoke directly to the Heavens, and the Heavens listened. These people are almost fanatical in their beliefs of the Heavens and the Disciples, and try to live in the footsteps of the lost people. They are large in number, and have raised a mighty empire from the barren Aerth through belief and cold steel. They are warriors, mages, priests. Believe, or perish among the Fallen. The Legion know The Reals as The Blind: those who do not see what the Heavens have done, and the Sects as The Heretics, for they directly mock their ancestors.

Antagonist 2 - The Followers Of Reason, more commonly known as the Reals. This nation of people come from the South, where the waters run cyan and the sky never knew drought. These people refuse to believe there are Heavens, as their ancestors have seen the Doombringers (dragons), and know that no Heavens could have brought such a monstrosity to Aerth. Because of this, they believe that only rational thought and the state of the mind can lead someone into prosperity and good health. Logic rules all in this nation, which almost runs as big as the Legion, their bitterest rival. Through thought and reason, the Reals have raised a fine empire rivaling that of The Legion. The Reals know the Legion as The Sheep: those who follow something that logic says is false, and the Sects as the The Lost, for their beliefs are wildly false.

Antagonist 3 (or Protagonist, by my idea) - The Keepers Of Aerth, commonly referred to as Sects. This nation of people come from the North lands of "Beginning". The Keepers of Aerth do believe that the Heavens assisted with the ancestors to create the lands and seas known as Aerth. They believe in speaking directly to the Heavens, and getting what they can from the Aerth. They don't believe in the fanaticism of the Legion nor the lack of the Heavens that the Reals keep to. While the Keepers of Aerth are technically the "Disciples" of the beliefs that the Legion hold (they speak directly to the Heavens), the Legion refuses to see them as the true ancestors, saying that the true "Speakers to the Heavens (Disciples)" died out long ago. Because of this, they are at war with The Legion for their disbelief and The Reals for their lack of realization. They know The Legion as The Deniers, for they deny the truth, and The Reals as The Hopeless, for their lack of any belief makes their lives hopeless.

The 4th Antagonist - The Shadows Of The Fallen - This group has its history set deep within the battles of yore, still told amongst beer-mates in taverns across Aerth.

It was believed that there was a greater nation than The Legion...

They called themselves The Hierarchy Of The High Ones. They were a grand nation of people who feared the Heavens, and worshipped for their safety and to keep their destiny from becoming fate. refused to fear the Heavens and began to believe one could speak directly to the Heavens. One turned into three. Three turned into many. Soon, a nation was torn apart, and innocent blood spilt decided the fate of Aerth...

The Legion was born...and the very few scattered remenants of the last peaceful nation were cast away as The Fallen. They took to secrecy and sheathed themselves in black. Fear of the Heavens turned into revenge and curses against the Heavens and those who took peace and stained it crimson.

They know no fear. They reside only in the shadows, the only solace for their grief. They are The Shadows Of The Fallen.


There's the basics of them, and a summary:

Alright, we have the idea of artifacts opening up the gateway to the dragons.

We have our three MAIN factions:

-The Legion, who believe that there were Disciples who once spoke to the Heavens, and worship those ways.

-The Reals, who believe there are no Heavens because of the existence of the Doombringers (dragons). They believe solely in natural logic and reasoning.

- The Sects, who are the current incarnation of The Disciples. They believe in speaking directly to the Heavens and harvesting their needs from Aerth.

And our mysterious faction:

- The Fallen, who seek their own means of retribution by secrecy. They are powered by the memory of the fallen nation, which once before knew nothing but peace."

Interested yet? Probably not, but I should tell you about the land on which this story takes place, a land called Aerth...

Characteristics of Aerth - Aerth itself is both very similar and different to our Earth. Aerth is actually slightly bigger than our Earth by about 25%. Aerth's days and nights are only slightly longer than here on Earth. Because the size is bigger, one would think that the gravitational pull would be greater, but this is not true. The core of Aerth consists of a less dense molten material than that of Earth, so the gravity is actually different (actually, it's slightly less, being only .96 Gs). Because Aerth sits at a tilt toward the twin stars, the Northern pole is not frozen, though the position of the twin suns in relation to Aerth still allows for light and heat to be delivered in similar fashion to the lower portion of Aerth, except for a portion of the South Pole, where day and night are severely exaggerated and snow is omnipresent. The North Pole's days and nights are also extremely exaggerated, but there is an absence of snow.

One would think that the North Pole would be a sheer desert, but this is not necessarily so. The ozone layer of Aerth is still surprisingly strong, as there has been no real wear on the layer through burning of fossil fuel or otherwise. The North Pole is actually a large, grassy land, with a singular, oddly placed tree. The South Pole is a cold, snow-filled area, with jagged, icy peaks and precipices that have never been explored. With the ozone layer, most of mid-Aerth enjoys a mild climate mean of 85 degrees in summer, and 30-40 degrees in winter. There are areas of extremes, as the desert-land of Aerth hits 110 in the summer, and the southern areas of the Reals gets as low as 10 degrees in the winter. Even through the extremes, Aerth generally enjoys a nice climate, with rain in spring and snow in the southern hemisphere during winter.

This is what I have so far. I'll come back on after some heavy thought to address economics, the "story of the beginning" through the eyes of the 3 main factions, and anything else anyone can suggest I can touch on."

Hold on, there's more coming...
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This is the map:

-Yellow-green: Grasslands, not too many trees. Plains, mostly. Life here and there.
-Green: Lush green land. More trees, but not really a forest. Thriving with life.
-Darker Green (north): Forest land. Lots of trees and grass. Lots of life.
-Moss (darkest) Green: Rain forest. Tons of plant and animal life.

-Brown: Desert. Plain, flat lands. Not a lot of life or green.
-Dark Brown: Hilly, slightly mountainous region. Not spectacularly high, but higher. If near green, has trees.
-Chocolate Brown: Mountains. Rocks, scattered plant life, the works. If near green, has trees.
-Gray: Peaks. Trees end. Sheer, jagged rock and top of the mountain.

-Blue: Ocean, river, or lake. Rivers and lakes are fresh when inland, salty when ocean.
-Light blue, other light blue: Ice mountains. Nothing there but sheer cold and ice.

-Port Moirai: The main city of the Legion.
-Macri City: Main city of the Reals.
-Heaven's Light: Main city of the Sects.
-High Citadel: Former city of the Hierarchy of the High Ones. Ruins of a lost civilization.
-Silent Tree: The lone tree at the North Pole. Very symbolic.
-Felsar Mountains, Felsar Omi: The mountains and the peak where the Doombringers are sealed.
-Cult of the Twins: Where the Cult usually sets up.
-K'tali Tribal Land: One of the K'tali's favorite fishing spots.
-V Campground: Where the mysterious V could be found on some nights.
-Ice Peaks of the Unknown: Really scary-like ice mountains. You probably don't want to be here.

This part is cool, read it.

The Bleeding of Aerth - Through lost scrolls of the ancients, a long-lost prophecy has been discovered...

There is a great evil which, in many times of light, begins the bleeding of the land.

This prophecy tells of a rogue evil (a comet, known to us as Haley's Comet), which comes into close proximity of Aerth during its phase where it is closest to the twin suns (about once every ten years, the seasons are naturally just a bit warmer). The comet comes close enough to Aerth to affect its gravitational pull alongside the twin suns; both are pulling the Aerth much like a tug-of-war. During this time, Aerth undergoes extreme stress. The volcanoes that dot Aerth erupt, and earthquakes are a common problem. The tides become erratic, and flooding occurs. Storms become heavy, and winds form tornadoes and tear through the land. This phase lasts for about 3 to 6 months before the comet moves too far away to affect Aerth.
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Ok, I have RPG maker XP but I fail at using it, So I'm in but I can't guarantee I will be of any help.
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So now that we've got the background story and map done, let's move on to the Dragons, also known as the "Doombringers."

That's a great idea. Why not make our hero an archer, rather than just a standard swordsman? Supporting characters can be swordsman; let's make our main character unique in this aspect.

The following is my proposal for some aspects of the story. These are just my ideas, and maybe we can put them to work. I'll break them down into sections, to make it a bit easier on the mind.

"Dragons - Consider this story arc for why the Doombringers are sealed away.

The Doombringers of the past were horrific creatures of might and fire. Their wills were absolute; get in their way, and death's embrace would be a welcome vice. However, there were few who could walk among the Doombringers, and knew the secrets of their beings. Only those with a skilled hand, a sharp weapon alongside the mind, and the Heaven's blessing could fell a Doombringer. Legends of these men and women spread across Aerth.

Eventually, the people of the Doombringers' time emboldened themselves, and began to hunt the Doombringers. Groups of "Smiters", as they were called, went out to the nests of Doombringers and took sword and arrow against claws, deadly fire and massive beings. More and more Doombringers fell, before all of a sudden, they disappeared.

Legend has it that the Doombringers used their own magic to seal themselves away within a secret place, to hibernate...or grow into a bigger threat then they once were...

So, this could help explain why the Doombringers are sealed away, and why the artifacts (Doombringer magic) releases them.

This leads me into my theory on the Doombringer intelligence and characteristics. In my mind, the Doombringers are actually very intelligent creatures, much akin to dolphins or chimpanzees of our time, but slightly more so, of course. Doombringers are actually very hierarchical, with elder Doombringers asserting dominance over younger Doombringers and vice-versa. Doombringers actually assexually reproduce, as Doombringers are all males and spawn eggs every decade. These eggs have a gestation period of between 4-7 years, where the young hatch and eat the remenants of the egg: their first meal. Doombringer young vary in size, depending on their breed. The lifespan of Doombringer is also spectacular, as they have been noted with the lifespan of close to half a millenia.

There are several breeds of Doombringer, as noted by the ancient notes.

It has been widely generalized that all Doombringers breathe fire. An impromptu dissection of a Doombringer by an ancient pointed out an independent sac well hidden within the larynx, which contained a large portion of ore (flint), that when struck, produced spark. By modern standards, we can conclude that a Doombringer's breath contains some sort of propellant, a possible side-effect of their digestive system. When a Doombringer flexes that sac, it creates spark, which combined with their breath, creates a very effective form of fire.

Not all Doombringers have wings, as noted by the Doombringers which reside in the desert areas and cave-dwellers. These Doombringers are smaller than their generalized kin, yet are just as vicious. A full grown desert Doombringer stands at around 9 feet tall. Their cave-dwelling cousins are more compact, at around 6 feet. The cave-dwellers should not be taken lightly, however, as they possess claws and teeth strong enough to break granite and fire hot enough to melt the ore found in their nests.

The Doombringers most commonly found in lore are the winged ones, and these were abundant in the past. This breed of Doombringer is much larger and fiercer than its wingless kin, utilizing its wings to show dominance. A full-grown winged Doombringer is a sight to behold, with a height of 50 feet and a massive wingspan of 115 feet. This is an estimate, however, as many have failed to capture and collect information on this breed. In any case, this breed is a sight to both admire and fear.

There are also many other speculated breeds, such as the serpentine. The regions were Doombringers reside is also in question. It could be safely suggested that Doombringers could evolve and reside in many climates and locations, and can definitely vary in size and color to match their surroundings. The ancestors have noted upon sightings of "white beasts" in the tundras of the south, as well as "massive shadows, with glowing eyes" in the mountainous regions. Overall, the amount and characteristics and intelligence of Doombringers could be said to be limited only by the imagination."
will this be a playable thing once its done? like we can download it? i dont know much about the last thread.

btw, im not interested in helping created it. sorry, not my thing.
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I signed up but I havent really done anything, but it looks like its going great. The map kinda reminds me of two Russias stacked on top of each other.
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OK, now let's move on to the all of the different tribes and characters that we have.

"Of course there should be some nomadic tribes. Ones I could come up with off the bat are the Cult of the Twins, who believe that everything is ruled by the twin stars and speak an incoherent language. Their numbers are very scant, as they tend to dot the mountains regions, wanting to be ever closer to their idols."

"Another are the K'tali, a small nomadic tribe who follow the rivers, making their subsistance from the rivers and oceans. They live off of the bountiful colored fish of the rivers (Golden Snapper are quite a delicacy on Aerth). The "water lettuce" unique to their culture, grown naturally through a tried-and-true method, is particularly delectable with meat and "ryst bread".

"The "super atheist" tribe (remember, the Reals don't believe in the Heavens either) could be known simply as V (Five). The V are a remote nomadic tribe which reside in the desert tundras of the West. They believe that the self is more important than anyone else, and that any "Heavens" could not get in the way of what oneself desires. Cooking in the desert suns, they wander, looking for their own gains."

Those were the more minor nomadic tribes.

"Social and Political Structures in the Factions"

"As in any formal group of many people, there is a need for leadership, and a natural order of how and where people reside on the "pecking order", if you will. Each faction has a different set of social classes and political structures, and these allow for contrast and clashing of ideas between each faction, which among other things, started the war.

The Legion The Legion's social structure is based heavily in economics, and where people reside on the ladder is based on their economic status. The Legion have three social classes: a small elite class, which consists of aristocrats, the clergy, and owners of large pieces of land; a very large middle class, consisting of smaller landowners, lesser clergy, tradesmen, farmers, and other workers; and a very small poor class, with tenant farmers and debted people.

The Legion's politics and leaders are church based, as their beliefs are strongly rooted into society. Their current leader and commander-in-chief is High Overlord Deiza Forgoth IV, who's family has been leading The Legion for decades. He is a stubborn and brutish leader, always on a hair trigger. Even though he is ill-tempered, he keeps an air of stony confidence. Under the High Overlord is the Heaven's Council, a group of 5 members chosen by the High Overlord to help him with matters of the state and church. These 3 men and 2 women govern The Legion in the High Overlord's name, though he himself does not usually take place in their sessions, as High Overlord Forgoth fancies himself as a military genius, and mediates his time to fighting in war and training the army.

The Reals The Reals keep to a very basic social structure which resembles very much like communism. There is no real defined classes, per se, as a majority of Reals live comfortably as workers, tradesmen, farmers, scholars, and scientists. They easily share resources between each other and maintain a very high quality of life for most of the population. As by their way of life, they have set up an education system for their children, with a set curriculum of knowledge. This allows for the children to enter into the Real society easily at an early age and maintain the quality of life for the population.

The political structure of The Reals is also surprisingly simple. The Reals are led by an elected group of 10 people, usually the most intelligent candidates, with dedicated lifelong studies in many different subjects. This group is called the Intellect. They govern over the Reals and set laws of reason. "

Legion - East - Ocean

Sects - North - Forest

Reals - South - Snow

Cult of the Twins - Mountain Regions (In the south?)

K'tali - oceans, rivers (East? or some other coast?)

V - Desert - West


"Time: How time is kept on Aerth by the factions is both quite archaic and modern, in a sense. People on Aerth do not go by a clock. Rather, they use the archaic idea of the twin sun's motion through the sky, dawn to noon, to dusk, to night.

However, they do have monthly and yearly visitors that help with long stretches of time."

"There is a much smaller planet in Aerth's solar system, named Telos. It is a barren rock of a planet, slightly smaller than the planet Mercury. Its orbit around the twin suns is odd, as it is very elliptical. This orbit allows for Telos to slingshot about the twin suns and appear in the night sky of Aerth at around the same time as our full Moon (how convenient!), which is once every 32 days. The Sects and Legion refer to the moon as Relis, the ancient name for "daughter". The Reals refer to it as Telos, their scientific term for "cold sun".

Every 12 "months" (384 days), another planet becomes visible to people on Aerth: the gas giant, Versa. This planet rivals Saturn in size, and has rings much like Saturn. Strangely though, the rings of Versa are vertical, rather than horizontal. The color of the planet is a brilliant purple, and is truly a sight to behold. This planet is actually massive enough to remain stationary, and is far enough from the twin suns to not be affected by their gravity. Still, this planet is quite visible to people on Aerth, and appears every 384 days. The Sects and Legion refer to it as Ceras, the ancient term for "son". The Reals call it Versa, their scientific term for "colored star".

Utilizing these two planets, the civilized people of Aerth have constructed a basic, 32-day, 12-month "calendar". This allows them to keep record of events, birthdays, and other items requiring some sense of time outside the realms of clocks."

OK people, only a bit more left. I don't think I can fit the stuff about the characters here though.
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I take back being in, I've realized it's too far along and that I have no Interest in this whole storyline.
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Prepare to have every orifice in your body occupied by a dwarf.
Btw, Did we ever come up with the various identities of the doombringers? I'm far too lazy to read all the way through it.
/\ A couple of UGers signed up to make an RPG but barely any of them contributed and most forgot about it after July 8th.
OK, I just realized we don't have much about characters, but we've got some basics.

He's an archer, and his dad was "killed" by the Fallen. He's kinda dark and moody, and his age is about 17-19 years old.

Here's just some random thing:

In my hypothesis, the Doombringers would have already been sealed up in the ancient's time, before the true formation of the factions. Around 10 years after the sealing, The Hierarchy of the High Ones would have formed, and the pre-Reals would have escaped southward and became a tribe before truly forming. About 50 years later (I'll be sure to address how they tell time in the next installment), the Hierarchy is split (called the Lost Age), and the Legion and Sects are born, along with the remenants of the Hierarchy, the Fallen. About 2 years after the Lost Age, it is discovered that the tribe of pre-Reals is quite large, and they become the Followers of Reason.

I would be thinking that the time the father would have been "killed" would be during the end of the Lost Age (it was a civil war that lasted about 2 years, the father is in the last month, trying to defend the Hierarchy from the "heretics"), while our main character was just barely concieved (unless it is decided that the main character should know his father, then he would be around 3 or 5 years of age). Then, we could begin the main character's journey around 14-18 years later, which at this time, each Faction exists and are fighting.

And, this is an idea for the start of the game:

I think that the skies should turn crimson when the Doombringers (dragons) are summoned from the mountain: that's when you know heavy stuff is going down.

With sticking to the triple storyline, here's my quick premise on the situation the factions are in at the beginning of the game.

Our game begins with the factions at a temporary, yet fragile cease-fire. We could begin our main character in the flooded barracks of the Real base, filled with bored and battle-ready soldiers, itching to fight against their foes yet again. Here's where you can pander about, talking to soldiers and learning the backstory of some of the people there and of the conflict. The player can wander outside and talk to the passerby and citizens, and as soon as he wanders toward the gate, word of a rogue attack on a Real scout party reaches the city via messenger, and the army, along with the player, mobilizes.

The army marches outward toward the forests, and seemingly, as if they were waiting, the Legion are sitting there in the open plains. Bad blood destroys any thought of the cease-fire, and the warring factions begin battle.

I know some players would rather get right into battle in the beginning of the game, so perhaps we can begin the game at this battle. Just suggestions, hopefully this'll inspire ideas for others in the beginnings of the story.

We haven't really decided on anything about the plot yet.

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Btw, Did we ever come up with the various identities of the doombringers? I'm far too lazy to read all the way through it.

Well, we decided that they would have different elements. That's pretty much it though.
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will this be a playable thing once its done? like we can download it? i dont know much about the last thread.

btw, im not interested in helping created it. sorry, not my thing.

im quoting myself cause i think my question got "lost" in the thread, haha. so?
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Quote by Its_Rock77
im quoting myself cause i think my question got "lost" in the thread, haha. so?

Yep, it'll be playable. We're using RPG Maker XP. You're going to have to download the game, it won't take that long though.
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Yep, it'll be playable. We're using RPG Maker XP. You're going to have to download the game, it won't take that long though.

ok. sounds sweet.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
Quote by RedDeath9
Well, we decided that they would have different elements. That's pretty much it though.

Alright can we put up a thread about their identities on the character creation board?
I sent you a PM, rocker007.

Also sent to Nugi.
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Sounds fun, I'm in Tell me if you need somethign photoshopped
Sweet. I said I'd start posting on the forums again if it got re-rolling!
Count me in
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

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Oh crap, i forgot

Is it online?

can you make it online?

I don't know if we can do online. If we could then we would need to pay for a server...

I sent you a PM, ToF and andyd93.
Crap, I forgot about this as I got side tracked with other things.

I thought this died though I'm glad it didn't and this is coming along amazingly well. Love the map and the way that everything has been fleshed out.

Can I get a link and I'll try and give my 2 cents. It'd be an amazing game to play, even if it was just for the fact it was made by UG.
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Oh crap, i forgot

Is it online?

can you make it online?

I don't understand... Do you mean make the game online, or the forums? Anyway, I'm about to PM everyone who said they wanted to join...
I'll help with the Writing bits. Just PM me on here I can't really be bothered to go on to another forum everyday.
I'm still in it to win it. I need to help finish the story, right?
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I'm still in it to win it. I need to help finish the story, right?

I suppose so. You more or less wrote the entire story single-handedly .
Isn't that EXACTLY the same map as the game Revelations or something on the Gameboy Advance?
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Isn't that EXACTLY the same map as the game Revelations or something on the Gameboy Advance?

Not to my knowledge. I custom-made the map via Photoshop and a few hours of mouse clicking. I've never played the game that you mention, actually.

I'll be incredibly surprised if it's really similar.
Back to the classic avatar.

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You are the best writer ever Graybass. Sig me for that. But i love you! You should make a book!

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Jesus christ, your avatar is the best I have seen in my life.

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Graybass_20x6 has a better avatar than you
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