well, lately, the output jack on my guitar (strat-style) has been kinda loose, and sometimes the screws fall out, because the wood is like, worn down, or something. Actually, the screws don't even screw in to the wood anymore, it just sits there, kind of holding the jack in. What should I do to fix it? My friend suggested super glueing the screw holes, to hold the screws in, but I'm not sure thats a good idea.
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fill the hole in the wood first, dry it for weeks, then drill a smaller hole, and then screw in.
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i would use wood filler, epoxy of some sort then redrill like said. a different larger plate where the hole are in different spots would also work. just drill the holes there.

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the super glue would work...ive used super glue on some of my junky guitars before... but if its you main guita or not a cheap guitar then fill it in with some 5 min epoxy you can get at wallmart for 2 bucks let that dry and put the cover back on and really you dont need to drill if the screw has a pointy tip just put it on the end of the screw driver and push and turn it clockwise and it will start to go in it self this problem happens a good bit. not alot but a good bit....

but if its a cheap guitar and it dont really matter glue that shiit up.