One of these things?-----> http://www.samedaymusic.com/product--HTSEBOW

I'm curious if anyone here owns one. Dad mentioned this to me a few nights ago, and frankly, I'm already thinking I want one. My musical vision is already rather unorthodox, and this, well, it seems like it would fit in rather nicely.

Assuming it's as good as I've been hearing, of course.

So, anyone?
i thought about buying one, its kind of a lot of money. you really have to think about whether its gonna be a real effective tool, or just a toy. i figured i could write some cool stuff with it but it was not worth the money. it looks really sick though i think i'll get one for christmas or something

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If I had random cash to blow, I would probably pick up one of those. They just seem fun to play around with, but don't fit into my musical styles at all. If they do fit into your musical style though, pick it up.

I've only heard great things about them.
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well, my (envisioned) style is a kinda avant-garde, psychadelic raga rock sort of thingie. Maybe fusion is putting it simply.

and from the sound clips on the official EBow site, I now NEED one of these things....

Uh, thanks for the feedback and such. still looking for anyone who may own one, though.
It's a cool thing to have, I sold mine because I'm pretty good with a violin bow. It's kind of one-dimensional, and it's slow to respond, but if you want something nutty to play with, give it a try. The real deal is the sustainiac pickup though- it perfects what the Ebow does.
If you listen to Howie Day - Ghost he uses an E-bow to create the sort of string sounds in the background. They would make pretty cool tools for doing some sort of crazy solo and doing cool backing tracks with a loop pedal.
i have one. its interesting i guess, and there are some fun sounds, but i just never really got into it that much. its difficult to find usable sounds, and to implement into a band setting.
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I've got one too. I mainly use it for making random noises and atmospheric stuff (it's great with a slide and delay), because I've got a cello bow for doing droney stuff with.

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i use an ebow every now and then, but in a band setting i can only find room for it, if there is another guitarist to handle rhythm parts...the ebow is very responsive if you have things set right.

my recommendations:
neck pickup only, clean or overdriven, use the blue light to guide it to the hotspot on the pickup once you find it. either cut back on the tone knob some or have an eq pedal designated for it. with the tone knob completely turned off, past the 12fret it sounds like a flute.

to me it doesnt sound like a real violin no matter what you do with it, but i love its sustain.
i usually use it with about 70% feedback on delay settings, and some subtle chorus.

but without a rhythm part being played in the background it doesnt stand up enough on its own.
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I think I would have to agree with what several others have said... I own one myself, got it for christmas... but I find that it really IS overly hard to integrate into most music I write.
But then again, I put things like Morningrise on (OPETH) and suddenly I hear the E-Bow being used in pretty cool ways... so I don't know... maybe I just have to get a little bit more open minded and experiment.
It is really fun to play around with though... used to try to play various holiday songs with it... sounded pretty cool... especially Silent Night.......