I'd like to take advantage of it and discover some new bands.

My favorite band at the moment is Animal Collective, and to be honest I'd just like to hear some bands similar to them. Not necessarily similar in sound but similar in...principal? If that makes sense.

I've heard The Dirty Projectors are supposed to be pretty good, so any recommended songs/albums by them?

Some other bands I like are..uhhh...The Strokes, The Unicorns, Of Montreal, VU, The Blow, Cold War Kids, Modest Mouse, etc. Basically really melodic, catchy shtuff.

So just throw some recommendations at me pwease.
if you go DP any album is good
if you want them now get the getty address or glad fact. if you can wait a week get the new one (rise above).
Yeah, Dirty Projectors are sh*t hot. The new album is supposed to be an interpretation of a Black Flag album or something. Can't remember exactly, but the whole idea behind it is great.
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You've proabbly heard all of these before, but I'll list them just in case:

The Smiths
The Feelies
Magnetic Fields
Built To Spill
Yo La Tengo
Little Wings
The Microphones
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Grizzly Bear!!
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Okay I ended up getting The Dirty Projector's The Getty Address, Grizzly Bear's Horn Of Plenty and Panda Bear's Bro's EP. Thanks everyone.
Kind of after the fact, but Troubled Hubble. Anything by them, basically.

You'd have to be certifiably insane not to think they're catchy.

And, of course, the Oohlas. I always suggest them. Specifically "Tripped," "Small Parts," "Rupert Krikor Chang," "The Cahuenga Shuffle," "Octopus," and "The Ballerina Blues."

Or the Thermals. I durr know if you listen to them or not. If you don't, you should.
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Hot Chip.
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or maybe Wolf Parade, they're pretty amazing and produced by Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse
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