So I feel I can do some okay improvisatiion, however, my one concer is I can't make different sounds...bad wording, but I mean...like you can't tell when I'm doing a blues improv if it's a blues improv or rock improv...any tips?
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Practice different techniques?

Learn songs from different genres?
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blues and rock is closely related. but with heavy stuff i know what you mean. i had the same problem. i just started using differnt scales and modes, and got a better feel of the song and it fixed everything.
Are you using the Blues scale not just the pentatonic scale?

Throw in that flat 5 if you aren't.

It's about phrasing, to a great deal. The bends and.....just listen to more blues I guess and you will pick it up. Obviously not gonna reach the same tone as Clapton or something without his equipment etc but learn some standard blues licks that you can model your own improv after.
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A lot of the sense of style comes from the tone and the backing track. A more distorted tone and a heavier backing track could make it sound more rock.
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