I have a crate glx-212 amp with a zoom sound board and a ESP LTD JH-600 with 81, 85 active pick-ups, and i cant get a good distortion sound out of the amp. everytime i put any level of distortion on it just turns into pure fuzz and you really cant make out anything. is their anyone else out their that is fimilar with my equipment or atleast some of it that could give me a hand with my settings?
im not expert, but perhaps you have both pickups on?? with my guitar I just have the bridge pickup on for distortion and it never hums just a thought hope I helped as I'm a noob

It could also be your instrument cable

or you have to much gain in your settings
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try turning the gain down on something if you can, other than that I dont really know that equipment...
Yeah, probably those EMG's are way to high of output for that amp.
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