Well, I have a 100 watt stack, but no way to crank it to get the sounds I want! I was looking at the purple thd hotplate, but I have heard that webers are better? Any input on this?

I'm not sure, but i've heard of this one resistor based attenuator on ebay or something by omnisonic or something. 20 bucks.
But... resistor based ones suck tone apparantly (thats what i've heard), but on harmony central, they seem to be well liked. Basically any attenuator is better than no attenuator at all.
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ive heard really good things about the THD. but i lack the budget to get a bigass stack or high wattage amp like that, so i dont really need them
The biggest issue between the THD's and the Weber's is the fact that the Weber has a selectable impedance where the THD's are built for a specific impedance. I've played with both and tone really isn't an issue with either. The Weber is definitely the better featured one of the two though.
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Honestly, there is no point in cranking the Windsor. IMO, it's all preamp gain.
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