I just started playing about 3 weeks ago. And everytime I try to play any kinda scale or practice, like the 1-2-3-4 thing, on the the top 2 or 3 strings my left shoulder starts hurting. I think its because I may holding the neck wrong I dont know. I cant seem to find a comfortable way to do it. Anyone experience the same thing? Or know what could help?
Never heard of that before. Just make sure you're relaxed and not tensing up your arms while playing. It may be a non-guitar related issue also.
pics of how you hold it? i have never experienced left-shoulder pain, it may be how you hold it. do you know anyone else who plays guitar that could look at you and see the problem?
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are you using a strap and sitting upright? that could be the problem. if not then go see a doctor.

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Yea I dislocated it 4 different times over the years. I'm just hoping that's not it.
How heavy is the guitar? Les Pauls weigh half as much as Lake Pontchartrain and some woods are just heavy. The Yamaha SG 2000 supposedly weighs 2 1/2 pounds more. I know after playing one for 2 hours I was ready to set it down.

How low are you setting the strap? Playing too low forces your wrist into an unnatural bend and you could be trying to compensate with the shoulder.

I played for probably 10 or 15 years with my guitars low, "Jimmy Page" style was the going thing in 1970, but later on I started to set my guitars so they hang at about the same level as when I sit on a stool. Much more comfortable and natural, and I can play better too. The guitar itself hangs with the neck at an angle, tuning head 4 to 6" higher than bridge. Sitting the neck is almost level, but standing it rides at a bit more angle.
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Yea I dislocated it 4 different times over the years. I'm just hoping that's not it.

dislocated my shoulder plenty of times (genetic thing) yet i dont get shoulder pains. just make sure youre holding the guitar comfortably, and the more you play the more your muscles are going to build up, so youre going to get less pain as long as you keep playing
Cool thanks for the advice guys. I noticed that when I made myself relax it was a lot better. I think I need to get a stool or armless chair. Right now I play in my armed computer chair and I have to sit forward on it to not bang my arm or my guitar against them. Havent tried standing up too much cause it feels ackward. Guess im not used to that yet. As for weight I have a Ibanez RG321MH and it's pretty damn light. One of the reasons i bought it.
Hey strg010 just wondering if you dont mind. How have you dislocated yours? Does it just popout or was it forced? All 4 of mine were forced. The first 2 were from falling 10 feet or more while a halfpipe. and the other were more or less freaks that sent me to the emergency room to get it put back in. Do you have any nerver damage because of it?