Im still planning on getting an El diablo soon, and i still don't know what cab to get. I found this one called a 'Hughes & kettner' that sells pretty cheap. Bad idea or not? (450 for the cab btw, 4x12)
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Considering the quality of the Genz Benz cabs, I personally see no reason to buy from two different companies. The G-Flex cabs are top notch in virtually every regard, whereas the lower end H&K cabs are pretty good, but nothing to write home about. H&K does have some fantastic cabs available but the price point is over $1000 (for a 412). The 212 G-Flex is commonly available used for about $400, while I've only once ever actually seen one of the 412's (and they're pretty darn expensive new). If you're dead set on a 412, then the H&K won't be a bad choice, but the 212 G-Flex's offer a bit more punch and lot more low end clarity and can be had for less money.
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