so i have an ibanez rg that i want to trade at the GC. is it possible to trade for this $450 razorback or a bc rich bich?
Which RG?
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if theres a GC not too far from you just go in and see.
Why would you want to trade a crappy guitar for an equally crappy guitar? Save up, sell the guitar, and buy a nicer one.
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Dude. A japanese RG? Keep it.
Peavey 5150, Squier, Ibanez RG2EX2, Yamaha F150, Ibanez RT150, MXR noisegate
They don't give you hardly anything for trade ins. I took some stuff a while back and the offered me way way less than I was expecting. They have to buy them from you then sell them to make a profit and it still has to be significantly less than the new ones they sell for them to make money. They told me to see it on my own would be the best bet. They were giving me about 75-100 less than what I could sell it for on my own but they buy it instantly and its hard to sell stuff on your own. It depends on how desperate for money you are.
yea im pretty desperate. it's weird though the razorback i played there was 450 and online it's like 1000. im thinking id sell my mg,but seeing how its ****ty id probably get nothing for it.
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probably not, trade ins are what they want, and they usually want something more expensive than that. but go try, you never know what they're looking for

yep.. my friend was stupid enough to try and trade and First Act guitar which he got from wal-mart.. and of course.. denied.. hahaha.....and i also some kids who's trades are rejected... GC doesn't really accept trades right away... unlike EB games where you can trade your games just like that...
i noe when i tried to trade my warlock they had to ask around if they'd take it,but im asking here cause it's a japanese guitar so i wasnt sure if they'd take it.
some kid that is like obsessed with me and is gay wants to buy it from me,but i dunno. i dont mind gay ppl,but he'd try to touch me and my friends so we told that kid to **** off. he'd probably wanna buy the ibanez for cheap -_-
I'd recommend selling it yourself, you'll get more for it that way.

My friend tried to take his "Gibson" Les Paul that he bought of eBay and they wouldn't touch it because they told him it was fake.

But then he kept telling people it was real? He believed it was real still too..
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GC will only take trades on mid range to higher end models. Keep in mind they are a business, and they are not going to shell out money for the cheap guitar you want to trade so that you can get a new one. Seriosuly, sometimes they will only take the pick- ups and give the guitar back or break it. That's what the guy told me when I went to trade a Warlock in... they recommended pawning it, so I'm taking out the pick- ups-- Seymour Duncan Jazz and a distortion pick up model too. And then I'm pawning that stupid ****er for even so much as them just putting in their shop haha.
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id go to pawn shops,but i dont noe of any in queens ny. all i noe are thrift stores and the stuff there that u give u dont get cash. if anyone lives in ny can u tell me if there are pawn shops?
Pawn shops are rarely a better option than GC. They're equally crappy because they both need to make money off you. Craigslist and ebay are the only sensible options unless you know someone who wants to take the gear off your hands.