Well, I'm goin off to college and I can't bring my amp cause it's a tad too large for a dorm room. So I was wondering if there were any good small amps that are pretty cheap..actually, the cheaper the better really, I'm a starving college student with 0 income.

I was looking at a Roland Cube 15X cause of the size, but I was wondering if there are any others out there that could work better.
what kind of music do you play?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

I would recommend either the cube or guitarport by Line 6 for your computer. Just use the headphone jacks and you're good to go.
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i have real good suggestion.
do you have a good computer there in your dorm with you?
edit: forgot to say what my suggestion was...

ok so, if you do have a decent computer from the last few years and it has a soundcard thats basically any card that didnt come as part of your motherboard, then wire your guitar into your computer and download Guitar FX box.
its this one really great guitar fx simulator for your computer, and if you have a good enough sound card you can get some nice high quality stereo sound for your computer with a minimal i/o delay (like 3 milliseconds) and fully customizable effects!
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Yea, I've got a mac book, brand new but I dun know about the sound card :-/

As for the type of music, generally anything with a good rock influence. The white stripes, metallica, ac/dc, hendrix, my chemical romance (haha, don't laugh. So yea, I'm thinkin the cube will work best, but if there is anything cheaper that would be awesome. I'm not lookin for the best small amp, just something that will give me decent tone and some noise, god know I'll need it by then.
I recommend the guitarport for your computer. And it doesn't really matter how good your soundcard is because the guitarport hardware becomes your soundcard.

It comes with many high-quality models, effects, amps and cabs. Sound quality is great, it's easy to record with, and you can use headphones with it. I use it all the time and love it.
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personally if you want to go to the computer route thats fine, but personally id rather get a smaller vox or cube.

right now I have a fender deville 2x12 here at college with me, and its too big, and it doesnt fit my playing preference. Im pretty sure my dorms here at college cant be smaller then anywhere else... but there is enough room for a 1x12 under my desk or to the side.

If you want better sounding amp, and then something powerful enough to play around with friends, there are a lot of tube amps that are 1x12's that you can get for a decent price used off ebay.

But then again, I can understand paying your way through college and not having 300-500$ to spend.

for the price of gutiar port you could get a 30x cube, or maybe a Vox AD15VT. But I really guess it depends on if you will just be playing around in your dorm or if you plan on getting with some friends and messing around, if thats the case then the 30x would probably suit you also.

I have a few pedals, a wah, metal muff, and a small clone. So i built my own pedal board and got a cheap power brick so help organize wires and save space. But since my dorm ive moved into my fraternity house and the rooms are bigger, but now by a whole lot here.

But if you do go with the guitar port, and then meet some people who would want to play your kinda outa luck. But like I said, its personal preference and it depends on what you think your needs are going to be
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I'm not sure if you're in England or not, but if so, I recomend you the Matamp Minimat. It's a small 2 watt amp head with a built in attenuator. However, you'd have to get a cab with it which could be pretty big on its own, depending on the one you go for.


Otherwise, computer software would be great.
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id recomend the Fender G-DEC.. its average practice amp size.. but has an interface full of effects that you can mold to your liking... its got great sound for its size and the effects in it are all you need..

this was my first amp and i was very pleased with it.. if i ever got in a situation where i needed a smaller amp i would definitely pull this out of my closet.