so today was my first day of school, naturally first place is the music room to that really old but still awesome precision, now over the summer a guy took it home and put new strings on it, (i hate them) but i found them very very hard top play, like playing slap they actually hurt to pop, and i could not play very fast my fingers just like stuck to them. but after a while they still feel bad as strings, but they start to play better, smoother, not hurt, ect

whats the deal

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they will mellow, but in the meantime, get yourself some Fast-Fret at the music store.
it runs about $5 to $9. it's main(only) ingredient is mineral oil. it will make those new strings easier to play, and it's good for the fretboard. you could buy a set of your favorite strings, and ask the director to let you change them or, have him/her install them for you. good luck!
Or you could just use your own bass. Thats what my old bands bassist (and guitarist) does.
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They might have been heavier higher gauge strings. Because I guess it would hurt to pop the g-string if you're only using heavy gauge strings for the first time. Also they may have been steel strings instead of nickel.
You'll get used to it, don't worry
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