Ok I created this a short while ago. I finished it quite recently.

I do have lyrics. I will write them out here for you. The lyrics are also in the GP5/GP4 file. You can access them F5 > Lyrics. The main theme of the song is about the discovering of America.

The genre I was aiming for was "Epic Melodic-Folk Metal". Something like Wintersun or Ensiferum.

Crit 4 Crit of course.

Anyways, on to the lyrics and music:

[Verse I]
Many years ago my father told me
One day far away I would be free.
I dreamed of it then, I fight for it today.
Finally I walk, I'm on my way!

I am a fighting warrior. I never will return.
I'm off to sail the seven seas. Join me or you will burn.
I am a great explorer. Come join my great allies.
I will soon find the free kingdom, Awaited Paradise.

[Verse II]
My boots are shined, my pants hang loose.
For once in my life, I don't fear the noose.
The wind in my hair, I'm now a man of sea.
As I search to find the land of the free.

This land is now mine, and to her I belong.
True freedom I have, after searching so long.
My journey's complete, my home I have found.
I jump from my ship, and kiss the ground!
Awaited Paradise.zip
Critting as I am listening:

Intro: Neat Effect in the beginning and then very epic...very epic. Not too repetative either.

Verse I: Really cool chord progression and the harmonies sound very CoB-ish almost.

Chorus: I can't get this out of my head now. Extremely catchy and sounds great.

Bridge: Excellent variation on the Chorus/Intro. Sounds great. Not much to crit here either.

Interlude: Again, very catchy. Fits in with the rest of the song perfectly. Also great contrast to the metal aspect of the song. I'm a big fan of acoustic used in this way.

Guitar Solo: Beautiful. Sounds near perfect and goes back into the chorus very well.

Outro: Also very catchy. Another cool variation on the Chorus riff.

Overall: The song sounds great, and it's very catchy. It might be a little bit repetative but because it isn't that lengthy, it isn't a big deal. I'd give it a 9/10. Crit Mine?

The song has a great atmosphere, it reminds me a little (but only little) the slower Sonata Arctica songs. I hope youre going to record it, because its great!

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10648187#post10648187 crit mine?
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wow dude, this is awomse man.
reminds me of Ensiferum totally ahahaha.
intro was epic i loved the intro/chorus riff too.
the verse was pretty neat as well, like 6661syn said, very CoBish.
the bridge was awsome, but i loved that interlude dude.
this is an AWSOME peice man.
one of, if not my favorite peice i've heard on UG ahaha.

Thanks for the crit on mine, dude.

Let's see...Cool intro. I like that effect.
Sounds very Ensiferum-ish. I like it. Cool progression and everything. Nice folky sound.

The verse is pretty good. The rhythm is kind of weird, but it's cool.

All your riffs are good, nothing wrong with them really. I like the solo. Very good.

The acoustic interlude is sweet, but the transition is a little rough. Try fading out from the chord before it instead of just stopping so abruptly and going straight to the acoustic.

Also, you might want to speed it up a little bit. It sounds good, but I think it would be sweet if it were sped up.

Overall, great job man. I liked it a lot.
That was awesome man, i loved that main melody, i didnt really like the verse riff it just had an awkward timing, for me anyways, it just didnt flow. but the rest was gold, the solo especially, really nice and melodic, and show solos can be great without balls out shreddage. i can imagine this with some badass finntroll kinda vocals on it but thats unlikely youll probably go for the more ensiferum, wintersun kinda vocals, but it will be sweet recorded, get on it.

mind having alook at the song i just posted in my sig dunno whether it would be your thing tho but anyhoo
Very nice guitar hook at the beginning. I hope you were going for some kind of power metal feel...cos that's what I'm getting =] verse 1 sounds like the battle song from FF7, in the sense of the chord structure etc, but it works very well. A few things I didn't like was the constantly changing drum beat. I just think that (personally) it would make it hard to play along to the song. But that may just be me =] Interlude is pretty epic as usual...

What I think would work very well just before the solo instead of the simple drum count, maybe a crash cymbal and snare lined up with 2 power chords, just to give the next section a flying start. If you don't understand what I mean, don't worry...hardly anyone does
Man, epic doesnt even begin to describe this song. Awesome. Beautiful solo, great chorus, great riffs... the transition form the bridge back to the verse is a little sudden, but thats a minor flaw in what is otherwise a great song.
Nice work, again. Good enough that the verse riff sounded like it was 'borrowed' from an Ensiferum song.

The thing that really annoys me though, is the 38 (acoustic snare) on the drums. It just doesnt sound good.
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Id say the solo could use some more work to make it more...i dont kow the word for it, more tied or smth.Not so many pauses.Also the bass in a metal song goes with the drums, not one beat/chord.In rest i like it but i cant imagine how the lyrics would sound
um... ive listened to this song about 70-80 times now. its amazing, im sitting here typing and i just dont know what to say, you should be very proud of yourself
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