I was trying to find a half-stack tube amp that was around $1000. I couldn't really find too many and I saw these and thought they looked nice even though it's a hybrid of sorts. If these aren't good amps any suggestions for a good tube half-stack around $1000 are welcome.

btw...is there a big difference between the cabs of these amps? One is $200 less than the other and if these are both good amps I would really love to save $200 if there isn't much of a difference between the cabinets.


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well are you looking for all tube because the carvin legacy might be good for you. or you could try out the peavey classic 50 stack. maybe even try out a mesa 1x12 or 2x12 with a epi valve jr. monster tone for waaaaaay under 1000.
I'm not a fan of Randall's RG series at all. I prefer the tone of a Crate flexwave, tried them both out side by side, the crate was IMO better.

Look for a used Randal V1, V2, or T2; MTS series; or Warhead.
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