I've never installed custom pickups before and I don't even have the guitar yet, so bear with me:

I'm going to buy an Ibanez S520EX guitar and rip out the stock pickups for some Dimarzio's but my question is: which type of Dimarzio pickups would be best for Progressive Rock/Metal (stuff like Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Symphony X, Evergrey, Stratovarius, etc)? I know nothing about how to switch pickups for custom ones or even who to go to to get it done if I'm too scared to do it, so please fill me in with info on what I should do.

Also, if this all sounds like it's not worth it for a progressive rock playing style, please shed me some light on another guitar to look at in the 600-650 dollar range (and that includes tax/shipping so you might as well limit it to $599 on whatever websites you guys look at)

Thanks guys.