Here's a piece I've been working on for a few days. I was attempting to make a combination of Thrash/Hardcore/Metalcore. This is what I came up with. Some parts are very clashing/trashy, while others are very melodic and harmonizing. I wouldn't say this is my best work, but I wanted to see what other people thought. I think Riff I/Riff II are maybe a little to scale-ish. Any crits are welcomed and I will be happy to return the favor.

P.S. Don't ask about the random title/section labels

P.S.S. Also don't ask about the guitar riff in "amazing". I love messing things up.

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Anyways, first off, thanks for the crit on Awaited Paradise.

Im not usually into hardcore/thrashy stuff, but this is really good. I appreciate the chromatics!

Harmonizations are really good. I love "break". The keyboard are awesome!

I think these riffs were really good, I liked "amazing" but the first measure sounded like a theme song from one of those DOS games back in the day...Just random, but it reminded me of it lol...

Great song. I appreciate the guitar work, the drums may need a lil help here and there, but nothing major.


it sounds really good and this isnt the genre of music i listen too. I thought it sounded cool, the amazing riff caught my ear too.
i remember this! i listened to it last night. it is pretty good, very well written. the first measure of "amazing" fits the section title. some of the riffs remind me of The Black Dahlia Murder, others of how a breakdown should sound in a metal context.


also, thanks for crit.

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Well this is one helluva song. I think its an amazing dispaly of metalcore and thrash combined. Its just so cool! Well i have nothing to really help you on because that was a perfect song. I love the alton towers part too. Its awesome how your riffs catch your attention so you never get bored. 10/10
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reminded me of black dahlia murder. awesome
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Thanks for all the crits. Arcains_valor i actually think im just changing the one so they bot play 11 and 14, but thanks for the suggestion. Also thank you all for telling me what that jingle in "amazing" is. I couldn't put my finger on it haha. Telestar, I will be getting to critting yours in a minute. Thank you all.
It was ok to listen to, only a few parts really stood out to me. The "amazing" riff was pretty cool to hear, and at the end, I think you should let the effect keep playing, don't stop it like you have it now keep it going. I think it sounds pretty good. Other than that, everything else just seemed something I've heard from many bands in the past already have done.

Good song.
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the amazing riff is from the song "in the hall of the mountain king" its a well known classical song
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It's a bat, a cyclops and an owl riding a pair of bicycles. Idiot.
That was sweet. It was just fun to listen to in general. All the riffs were good, and I thought it was funny how you just threw Alton Towers in there lol. One thing though, maybe you don't have to repeat EVERY riff, because it gets a little repetitive sometimes. But otherwise, it was still good, and I liked the sound of the ending.

I'd appreciate it if you'd crit the second one in my sig. Thanks.
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Thanks for all the crits. Chris_122 I might follow the keys through. Thanks for the suggestions. Downfall, I know its in there...its kind of a joke hehe. Also thank you, PinklsCool, I'll get to critting yours and Chris's right now.
this song is pretty cool, though it looks like a collection of really good riffs(nothing bad about that).
i really liked most of it.
the AMAZING riff wasn't that good in my opinion, but it's still good.
the best riff in my opinion is the breakdown, and the OMG.
the SO GOOD riff is awsome, but i didn't really like the stop kinda at the last 2 bars.
the riff after it, with the effect (break) is also awsome, but i think you should make the effect longer.

overall, 9-9.5/10.
very cool riffs you have here.

btw, if you dont mind, plz crit whatever from my stuff in sig
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