Hey guys, I'm wondering what scales are very melodic, dark and have that kind of epic sound. like trail of broken tears by dragonforce. i dont actually reaaly listen to DF, but thats a good example of the scale i want to use.

Its not what scale you use but how you use it.
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sure there are specific scales known for a 'dark' sound - phrygian and locrian maybe?

but an 'epic' sound that people want to be handed to them in the form of a scale is not that simple!! its about how you use a scale and more importantly the chord progs.

i think you could make any scale 'epic'
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harmonic minor

Edit: and btw, it's trail of broken hearts

Does it really matter which dragonforce song he asked about??
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Does it really matter which dragonforce song he asked about??

hahahaha you're right
I find natural minor works really well for an epic, mournful sound. Another idea is to play fast runs leading up to long, wailing note bends. Runs like that build up some tension, and the bend gives a release. They're also a nice musical way to show off your technique (because you know you want to ).
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key change to major for epic, but as I learned on this forum, it's more how you play it, not what you play
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hmm maybe locrian or phrygian and if you want to make it EPIC!!! then get like choir in the background and a full string orchestra...

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Use a lot of crisis between the 2 and b3, perhaps b7? Maybe even sharp fives.
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For epic sound it's more about orchestration of the available instruments, than scales.
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